Harness Technology

Providers of East Anglia and Ipswich Web Design and other creative services to many happy clients. It can start with just a logo or a poster design but it makes sense to keep a consistent feel to your message. In addition, when your branding is on show we can assist with over 20 years of general IT experience. Use our IT and Tech expertise to get the most out the myriad of tools out there today.

Retaining the Personal Touch

Liteform started organically with a web design and logo here and there for some local Ipswich or Suffolk small businesses. There are some things from my early days that i still hold as very important regarding the business relationship. I like to hold a meeting to chat informally about how you view your own business, your values and even aesthetic details like a favourite colour or style.

what we can do for you


Logo & Branding

who are you?

We want to create logo and branding that means something to you. Liteform will try to steer clear of generic design and push to make something that has a connection to the product or place or idea.

Web & E-Commerce

what's your presence?

We want to produce simple and clean design for you that cuts to the content that matters. In this world of short attention spans we understand that the message must be communicated in a speedy and clear manner.

Print & Media

how will you be seen?

We want to produce eye-catching print that people are drawn to. Bold and different so it pops out of a crowd. Brochures, flyers, signs and business stationary that makes an impact.

Social Media

how will you stay relevant?

We want your brand to be a success. We can look after your social media strategy with regular and consistent content that is relevant to your audience. Banners, one-off event graphics and everything else you need to make your posts get seen. Therefore, supply us with updates and media and we’ll publish to the masses in all the right places.

Plans to Suit All

Don’t let fear of the unknown prevent you from even speaking to someone about getting a web design done.

I can quickly and easily show you some examples of previous work that is relevant and give you some really simple price guidelines based on what you see and what you think you need.

You should spend time making your clients happy and your business doing making the right moves, leave web design up-to someone who can a highly effective job of it.

Inspiration and Making it Yours

The design process is generally a tricky one, many tightropes must be traversed.

You, the customer, must be happy and proud of a brand and image that will follow them ( hopefully ) for many years to come. The designer, myself, must be happy and proud of a project that will shape other potential clients’ view of them.

I like to ask my clients for words, colours and ever other websites and brands that impress them. All this data can be mixed in my ideas cauldron into a brew that, with tweaking, everyone can enjoy.

More than a Website

Maybe you’ve seen a competitor with a great user-friendly feature on their site and mused about its inclusion on your website. Maybe you had a moment of inspiration and wondered “Could my website design incorporate that?”

We specialise in solutions for these questions. Some examples of current add-ons : a booking system that synchronises with your calendar, a lottery number system that can tell a user if they have a winning number. We can even create apps for your workforce to help with their day-to-day that will also offer great insights into efficiency.